Human Resources

We know that the main source of success is teamwork. For this reason, the happiness of our colleagues is our primary goal. We continue on our way with our teammates who are committed to our company, who have adopted the principle of long-term and stable work, who have high individual motivation and goals, are dynamic, can think differently and creatively…

Dynamic Teammates

As Casel Pharmaceuticals, we are aware that keeping up to date will always take you one step ahead. For this reason, we believe that our teammates who are young, dynamic, adaptable to the corporate culture and open to development and change are our biggest supporters in achieving our goals.

Solidarity Culture

In institutions where a culture of solidarity prevails, peace and success go hand in hand. As Casel İlaç, we prioritize the culture of benevolence and solidarity among our teammates. We are always against unproductive behaviors. We know that the productivity that solidarity will bring will be the key to problem solving and achieving corporate goals.


We take care to provide all our friends working in our organization with opportunities that are suitable for the sector and market conditions. We are aware that the source of success is an efficient and happy working environment. Therefore, our priority is the motivation of our teammates.

Benefits and Internal Events

In addition to standard working conditions and development opportunities, we provide fringe benefits to our teammates through collaborations with different institutions. In order to keep motivation high and increase productivity, we organize periodic in-house events where we can have a pleasant time.

Support for Women’s Employment

We are aware of the added value and difference that women will create in the business world. As Casel Pharmaceuticals, the rate of female personnel working in our organization is constantly increasing. We will continue to enable women to take an active part in business life. It is our priority to eliminate all factors that may cause any negative discrimination against women in our institution.

Employee Satisfaction

According to the results of the in-house online survey conducted without obtaining personnel information, as of 2022, Casel Pharmaceuticals employees stated their company satisfaction level * as “Very Satisfied” and “Satisfied” at a rate of 88.5%.
*According to Google Online Survey data

About Medical Sales Representative

As Casel İlaç, we prefer candidates who are experienced in the pharmaceutical industry. We are looking for experienced candidates with high persuasion ability, different and analytical thinking, and we initiate a recruitment process by considering the values that the candidates can add to our company. The adaptation process of our teammates, who started to work after an impartial and fair recruitment process, starts directly with field studies. Our friends, who have successfully completed four adaptation processes, start to work in their own regions and contribute to the sales of our company. Our teammates who are medical sales representatives are provided with opportunities in line with the industry average. At the end of the adaptation process, the required working materials and company vehicle are given. At the beginning of career opportunities is the requirement of high sales success. Different values and loyalty to the company are the other promotion criteria in Casel. Our friends who will have the opportunity to be promoted to a higher position are those who grew up within Casel Pharmaceuticals.

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